Nurse Just for Tomoe
Ako Udagawa

✎ About Me

asian + black
unlabeled wlw
sag☼ gemini☽ virgo↑

✰ Links

personal listography

My Bushido?!
Arisa Ichigaya

☆ Games

animal crossing, bandori, genshin impact, legend of zelda, dead by daylight, l4d2, osu, pokemon, d4dj, danganronpa, nekopara

❀ Animanga

naruto, demon slayer, beyond the boundary, your name, ghibli films, banana fish, oyasumi punpun, death note, re:zero, blue spring ride, paradise kiss, nana

✧ Comfort Characters

naruto uzumaki, kakashi hatake, sasuke uchiha, itachi uchiha, misa amane, giyuu tomioka, zenitsu agatsuma, kanao tsuyuri, nezuko kamado, mirai kuriyama, miwako sakurada, rem, nana komatsu

✿ Kins

kakashi hatake, sasuke uchiha, misa amane, mirai kuriyama, miwako sakurada

please note: i’ve played more video games and have seen/read more animanga than listed! these are just some of my faves!

Awash in an Ocean of Light
Yukina Minato

❥ Ults

kim jiwooloona
kim dahyuntwice
chou tzuyutwice
im dayoungwjsn
jang gyurifromis
choi yenaizone
jang wonyoungizone
kim jennieblackpink
choi jinrisoloist
jeon somisoloist
lee jieunsoloist

✿ Semi-Ults

kim hyunjinloona
myoui minatwice
minatozaki sanatwice
park soobinwjsn
baek jiheonfromis
song hayoungfromis
kim jiwoncignature
jin hyeonjucignature
lee gahyeondreamcatcher
kim yoohyeondreamcatcher
park sunyoungf(x)
park sooyoungred velvet
choi yoonaelris
yukika teramotosoloist

Pat on the Back
Lisa Imai

days in love with chuu ♡

    The Feelings I’ll Accept
    Moca Aoba

    ꩜ My Angel

    ➳ to fern

    you are my longest twitter friend who has stayed with me come rain or shine. thank you truly for being there for me when others spread rumors about me and turned against me for no valid reason. while others blindly followed false rumors, you were the only one sensible enough to remain by my side. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me and for being a true friend. you will always be #1 in my heart. i love you endlessly.

    Bride on the Battlefield
    Rinko Shirokane

    ✎ To you

    i do try my best to live positively but i am not perfect. if i ever hurt you with my words or do anything to offend you, please forgive me. i hope we can talk it over, do message me about it so i can grow and learn from my mistakes. do kindly let me know as well if i stan any problematic idols or girl groups, as i stan many groups and sometimes i can be a bit behind. please do educate me if this happens. i do not support nor condone any problematic things my faves have done and i usually will stop stanning for the most part if i come to find out a specific idol/group is problematic depending on the severity of their actions. please do let me know if i follow anyone problematic as well!

    finally, if any of you ever feel uncomfortable with what i tweet or for some reason don’t want to be mutuals with me anymore, please feel free to softblock me. please do softblock me rather than simply unfollowing so that it is easier for the both of us. but don’t worry, no hard feelings ♡ᵎ ˎˊ˗

    thank you for taking the time to read all of this and learn more about me! i hope we can become close friends ♡